So now since you’ve landed in your dream University and have already started with you college life, there are somethings that are always fundamental to a du student that the freshers might not be in full understanding of. So here is a compilation of all the so called saviours/essentials you need to know to make this 3 year journey of yours a beautiful one.

1. Commute

With surge pricung on ubers and no parking zones in front of colleges, commuting to and fro college is a big challange for the students.

Here comes the saviour- Delhi metro + E-Rickshaws

The metro with it’s ease and connectivity let’s students from all parts reach their college and get that precious attendence. The importance of metros can be analyzed by the crowd at stations like vishwavidyalya. Further, e-rickshaws reduces the need to run from the metro station to your college.

2. Food

If you’re a foodie and can’t help but indulge in amazing variety of such consumable, but are broke by the end of the month. Then look no further,

The Saviour- Hudson Lane + Satyaniketan

Cafes are in abundance in a city like delhi but when it comes to affordable and great food, Hudson lane and Satyaniketan wins the case with there beautiful cafes like Big Yellow Door and Cafeteria and Co. which serve some kf the best food in town.

3. Notes

Started with college and are in need of resource material? So many books and so less time. Here comes the superhero i.e. the notes from the photocopy shops in front of Patel Chest Institute

The Saviour- Photocopy shops- Patel Chest

Any book from any course is available here in its most updated form. If you got a college book in mind, they will surely have a copy ready of it. So head down to the shops and get hold of all the notes you need.

4. Housing

An out of Delhi student looking for accommodation? You’d be wasting money by renting expensive flats and appartments for yourself in a city like delhi.

The Saviour- PGs

The North and the South Campus houses a number of well established PG flats which are affordabke and a great accomodation. It also comes with two positives-
A) it will be very close to your college so no rush in the morning
B) you’ll have amazing roommates from similar college who’ll help you beat the home sickness.

5. Partying

College is not all about studies, societies and work. Gone are your restricted school days, welcome to your new life. After tiring weekdays in college, you look for someplace to party and relieve your stress.

The Saviour- Punjabi Bagh + Cannuaght Place Clubs

So head on to these clubs, dance till your shoes break and have fun while it lasts because monday is never too far.

So keep these essentials in mind while in college and you’ll never miss out on anything.

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