Delhi University’s North Campus observed a sudden commotion on September 4 when the roads got bunged up due to the coming up of partisans and vehicles of the major parties, NSUI and ABVP, who were proposing themselves for the Delhi University Students’ Union polls.

There were 24 nominations for the post of president, 23 for vice-president, 29 for general secretary and 25 for joint secretary many of which were being assumed to withdraw on September 5. Eight members for each of the four posts have filed their nominations from ABVP and NSUI. Bharat Khatana, ABVP DU unit head said that they will hold back till their committee gives the names of the candidates who will finally contest the polls. NSUI Delhi president, Akshay Lakra added that they have many strivers and NSUI desires to give them a chance; however, the last word remains with the committee.

Cars adorned with posters in absence of pamphlets joined by supporters campaigning for their respective candidates led to congestion of half of the Chhatra Marg. The police blockaded the road in the vicinity of the DUSU office where the nominations were being filed. A second-year student of Ramjas College said, “They should end the nomination process quickly. We faced a lot of problems going to college today.”

In the meantime, Faculty of Law, a very politically active institute of DU, witnessed a large number of students filing their candidature for its elections.

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