“Depression” the word in itself sounds boring and monotonous , not creating much of an impact ,right ? Psychologists have ventured into this realm deeply but I still believe there’s much to it than what it looks like on the outside .

We are well aware of the stigma that is prevalent in India regarding mental health. We usually address the person as ‘pagal’ or ‘psychic’ etc despite the fact that there is a significant amount of lives lost due to our ignorance and stigmatisation towards mental health .

We avoid talking about it. We consider it as a petty issue. We can’t discuss it openly with our family because they won’t understand but what we really need to do is to confront it and let it out of us . With depression comes a variety of bad behaviour which can take a toll on us and our near ones .

I have witnessed people going around wearing a masquerade of happiness trying to make others happy when they aren’t happy themselves . I have seen people harming themselves , hating themselves .

So the question that arises is why does this happens? The list is just too long .
Though there are some causes which are common catcalling , physical abuse , child abuse , bullying amongst others.

I saw the last video of Chester Bennington in which he was having dinner with his family , looking so happy. His wife posted that video and wrote ‘Depression has no face .” I couldn’t agree to it more . I just wish that there comes some reform in society ,in government (which seems like a miracle anyways) , so that people start looking out for each other and humanity grows once again .

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