5 books you must read before your college life ends


Books! The feel of the parchment with lines of fine text printed and the smell of the fresh new copy in a bookshop is something each bibliophile is familiar with. Books, not only provide you with knowledge but take you through a journey that might leave you awe-struck.

It is not possible to list out all the gripping novels penned down by all these brilliant authors. So here is non-exhaustive list of some of the finest works in literature and must read books if you need to experience the world in a different way.

1) Animal Farm

Whenever one talks about communism and it’s evils, Animal Farm by George Orwell is the go to conversation starter. Written in 1943, this fable based novel is the epitome of being a satirical piece. The deep hidden meaning and the symbolisms in this novella would leave you dumb for words. A must read for all the believers of power brings corruption.

2) The Catcher in the Rye

This book, penned down by J.D. Salinger remains one of the top publications for touching the genre of ‘cynical adolescent’. Way ahead of its time, Salinger captures the true essence of teenage angst through his widely famous protagonist, Holden Caulfield. The acute observations by Caulfield give life to this book and a sense of relativity to its readers.

3) To Kill A Mocking Bird

The greatest American novel of all day, to kill a mocking bird is a beautifully penned down story by Harper Lee narrated through the young eyes of Scout and Jem finch. The author explore the deep-rooted problem of racism in the early days and breaks all the barriers and teaches about integrity of a human life.

4) One Hundred Years of Solitude

Hailed as one of the most magical book ever written, Gabriel Garcia Marquez has influenced the whole world through his writing by touching the genre of magical realism. The narrative unfolds a stream of mysterious family ties, secrets and all their quirks in the beautiful land of South America. Delve into this novel and find yourself in a dreamscape.

5) The kite runner

Set in the post-war Afghanistan, Khaled housseini’s beautiful portrayal of the characters is surely going to leave a mark. Dealing with abuse, violence and terrorism, Housseini swiftly moves the hauntingly powerful tale into an epic story of friendship, one which you will never forget.

So leave your college books and notes aside and delve into the gripping world of books and why not start your journey into this world with these beautifully written classics.
A world full of books, and only a lifetime to read them all.

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