The Delhi University witnessing the undetermined protest by the students from last three years for the complete removal of curfew timings for women’s hostels, the call for affordable non-discriminatory accommodation, along with that the demand for the construction of women’s hostels for persons with disability (PwD) has spread it’s wings all over. The continuation of the protest shows how badly the women want all the rights that they deserve. The authorities even after all the promises and negotiations has ultimately failed to act upon the requests of the students. Whereas the students leaving not a bit of chance to try all means possible which includes the petitions, protest, occupying public spaces, press conferences, night marches, submitting potential ICC draft codes etc. The contemplation for the demands of students has nil results at the door, leading to exaggeration of the anger in the students for the rights. The proclamation for the abandonment of the curfew timings is still not official, the infrastructural conditions remains the same, the calls still not heard by any of the authorities. No actions has been took even after the (Delhi Commission for women) DCW’s interventions. Thereby on October 1st 2018 a petition and a memorandum was submitted to the proctor and the dean of students welfare (DSW).The protest calls for justice, rights and security of the women. Not only this but stating the conditions of the hostels and the absence of hostel in some of the colleges is also an issue, to add on the demand for abolishment of the local guardians for the students in case of emergency. The students specific the living and drinking conditions of the hostels are pathetic.The another step students taking towards the urge to get their demands fulfilled is the call for the protest on Monday i.e October 8th 2018 by the women’s of Delhi University to the women’s of Delhi University.

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