13 Reasons why has been one of Netflix’s trendiest shows. The first three seasons were an immediate success and the producers are now gearing up to release the show’s fourth and final season. 13 Reasons Why Season 4 will debut on Netflix on June 5 and viewers are eagerly waiting to see what’s going on next. The series revolves around Hannah Baker, a young girl who moves into a new college to begin a new life but ends up committing suicide in her new college after a few months. Two weeks after her tragic death, her classmate Clay discovers Hannah documented a series of videotapes in which she shares 13 reasons why she ended up taking her own life.

As viewers are looking forward to season 4 of the series, they have a lot of theories. The Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette starrer is based on Jay Asher’s book of a similar name and viewers suspect that after the fourth season of 13 Reasons Why fall on the internet, there will be a spinoff appearing on Netflix. Before the book ends, there are several cliff-hangers left to explore and it seems like there is more to it.

According to the official synopsis of 13 Reasons Why season 4, the Senior Class of Liberty High School prepares for graduation but before they say their final farewell, they will face the repercussions of their bad decisions.

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