Will DUTA listen to Delhi University appeal or will they continue to boycott the evaluation process?

​The DUTA Teachers have been boycotting the evaluation of answer sheets since May 9 as a protest against the ‘graded autonomy’.

In a statement by the varsity registrar, we were told that “The annual/semester exams of the University of Delhi commenced from first week of May 2018. Due to a call given by Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA), there has been little participation of the teachers from different colleges of university in the evaluation of answer-scripts for the undergraduate courses…Considering the future of students, an appeal is made to the teaching fraternity of the University of Delhi to join the evaluation process and complete the evaluation well in time so that results can be declared without delay.”
On Saturday, the University of Delhi has made an appeal to the teachers’ association members to take up the evaluation of exam sheets for the sake of the future of the students.
“The DUTA has been forced to give a call for evaluation boycott. It appeals to students and parents to lend support to the struggle to save Delhi University and its colleges as institutions of affordable quality education,” the association had said in a statement on Friday. 
Let us hope the DUTA listens to the appeal and the result is declared on time.
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By somya puri

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