The University of Delhi is stating that a proposed 37 Storey building in the north campus shall violate the 2021 MPD( Master Plan of Delhi) and shall also be a threat to students safety. For these reasons, the Varsity has filed a petition in the Delhi High Court. The building is planned to be built neat the Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station. The piece of land was bought by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation and was then a part of it was sold to a private builder for five times the price.

The Officer on Special Duty of Equal Opportunity Cell, Anil Aneja calls the earlier judgment faulty as it says that the area does not come under the campus. While he states that the area is in Chatra Marg which is a part of North Campus.The
Officer also questions that how can a public property be sold to a private builder.

The concern that arises over the construction of the building is that it will overlap two of university hostels including the women’s hostel.
The next hearing shall take place in October in which respondents will be the Delhi Development Authority(DDA), Ministry of Urban Development, and civic bodies. The university had moved to the NGT earlier this month

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