‘Islam and Transnational Terrorism’ Delhi University plans to introduce new subject countered

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The political science department of Delhi University proposed to introduce ‘Islam and International Relations’ as a subject at the post graduation level wherein ‘Islam and the question of transnational terrorism’ will be a unit of study within the syllabus. It was suggested that the paper would cover issues like ‘Islam and the West after 9/11’, ‘War of Iraq and the making of ISIS’, ‘The Afghan War and the origin of Al Qaeda etc.

A similar proposal was made by the Jawaharlal Nehru University some time back, but they had to opt out of the proposal owing to the intervention from the Delhi Minorities Commission. This time too, the DMC has filed a notice with the Registrar of Delhi University claiming that terrorism is not a one religion hiatus rather different sections of the society have been found to be involved in such anti social activities. Introducing such a subject will send a negative message to the society which would aggravate the existing communal tension and fuel hate politics, as stated by the DMC.

The DMC had also requested the Registrar in their notice, to furnish details about the reading list for the subject and the target audience in terms of the students who will be given the option to study the subject.

The Registrar in response to DMC’s notice has maintained the position that no such course has been approved just yet.

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