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It’s that time of the year again where everyone enter into the decision making area regarding their future,what they will do and which they would be pursuing.though it is one of the toughest decision to take,it decides the future path of the career of student. Many courses are available there and each of them possess various feature, advantages and disadvantages.

Commerce is a very lucrative career option and as a  stream attracts. But one problem that baffles the students and makes them to think over decision is the difference between B.com(H) and B.com(P),the difference in these courses on various aspects.

B.Com and B.Com (Hons.) are two courses that both come from the same academic fields. But their curriculum differs vastly as their approach to learning is different. Students need to be aware of the difference between both the courses to make an informed choice about the program they want to choose.

Following is all you need to know about both these courses on certain aspects.

Difference between B.Com and B.Com (Hons.)


3 years for both b.com(H) and b.com(P)


The students pursuing B.Com will have a study program  that will have the overview of all the subjects in the course field. The subjects taught to students in both these programs will be same. But, those pursuing a degree in B.Com won’t be able to specialize in a specific subject unlike those pursuing the degree of B.Com(Hons). Final year students of the B.Com (Hons) program can chose to specialize in a particular subject like that of accounting, finance, economics etc.


B.Com course is a programme with a course structured designed to make student familiar with the various aspects of the commerce domain. They will learn how business and trading is done. Whereas, those pursuing the course of B.Com (Hons) have a business oriented course structured designed to develop their business skills and provide them in-depth knowledge of the field. For those wanting to pursue a career in Chartered Accountancy this course would prove to be very advantageous.


The admission for both the courses is done on the basis of class 12th board results. The only difference being the cut-offs of B.Com (Hons) is much higher compared to that of B.Com courses. In some very prestigious colleges of Delhi University B.Com (Hons) is a very sought after course and the cut-offs sky rocket each year in colleges like Hans Raj, SRCC, Ramjas and others.


B.Com programme is not valued as much in the business industry unless the students pursue a PG course after this programmes, such as MBA or M.Com.B.Com (Hons.) being a specialization course, offers better opportunities and good packages than B.Com. It is valued more by experts in the industry.

The course you pick at the undergraduate level will determine your career as well as your future in academics. Therefore, it is essential that you pick the programme carefully after understanding the aspects of the courses and your interests.

Written by Rachit

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