The University of Hyderabad (UoH) has decided to finalize a modified academic calendar after May 7, after the conclusion of the extended lockdown announced by the Telangana Government. The modified calendar would be including pending end-semester examinations and entrance examinations for the admission of new students.

Many students studying at the University are from all over the country since its a central university, and most of them have gone back to their homes. Because of this reason, the University has shown concern for the fact that the presumption of the academic schedule must be preceded by the lifting of the lockdown across the country and all the students come back to the Univerity without any hassle.

On 30 April 2020 UGC released Guidelines on Examinations and Academic Calender in universities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. Following the same, an emergency plan has been prepared by the University’s own internal committee that gives clear priority to its research students working in experimental laboratories and the graduating batch of Master’s students.

The release by the university stated that they’ve planned to sway the return of the students and complete the semester’s activities into phases in a manner that is also insightful to the current situation of the students and parallelly maintaining the high academic standards of the University.

After the lockdown started, just like many Universities, the University of Hyderabad also took the initiative of online classes, but after students raised the concern about lack of internet, the University had taken a decision of not supporting online classes but insisted on providing online academic support wherever possible. The annual summer vacation for the faculty members has also been extended to May 21.

Possibilities of conducting an online nationwide entrance test for admission in all the disciplines are being studied by a technical sub-division of the University. Also, the deadline for applying for admission in all the disciplines has been extended to May 22. The decision of extending the timeline for research students pursuing MPhil and Ph.D. has already been taken by the university.

Attempts of aligning its contingency plans with the spirit of guidelines of the UGC will remain University’s priority as the same has been underlined by the Commission, advisory in nature. Any final decision will be taken by keeping in mind the national as well as local contexts and the best interests of the students.

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