When a student enroll in the university the very first image come is the mind is that what type of friend circle will we have with whom we can hangout and spend our college time. So it is quiet important for us to know what type of people you generally meet in DU colleges.

1) Future Leaders

In college life , many of a time we come across some of the guys and girls who can’t stand injustices . They need a opportunity for protect, rallies and what not for it.

2) Hostelers

Person who basically reside near campus of the college. They only need 5 -10 to get ready and come to college. Sometimes they even get advantages for the sudden class cancellation for which other have to travel for hours.

3) Lost Cases

This type of person don’t know that where the classes to be held even after the mid semester. If they are present in the class then they are not present mentally there as they have their own dream rides where they are lost .

4) Teacher’s pet

It is not important to make teacher impress until and unless the concept is understood , but these student have a perspective to impress the teacher with their at most effort to gain some sort of advantage.

5) Fashionista

When we attend college , we always find some of the trendy or fashionable person who we think that “wow!! the way they dress is quiet nice , I also want something like that”. This type of people always be the candy of the eye for everyone.

6) I am the best

The person who have not left a single stone unturned ,as they are person who score decent marks in exam and excel in cultural activities too. They don’t believe in the principle of riding in one boat.

7)Gossip Queens

It not only implies to girls but to all the ones who love gossiping about others . The interesting fact is that this person know much about the situation except the person who is basically involve in the gossip.

8) The Nerds

The Nerdy guys and girls are generally first benchers who have complete notes with different colour of pens to make it more attracted . They consider other things to be waste of times and many of times you find difficult to mixup with them.

9)Miss/Mr Show off

They are the person who love to flaunt there stuff to everyone, even though nobody ask them to show. This type of people consider to near trendy but sometimes things got backfire too.

10) The concern one

This type of people are difficult to find , as it is rare quality in a person to find . Generally it will develop after some time where a person is more concern about the way you have completed your assignment or not, do have problem to understand lecture or not.

This is some of the people we may find in DU colleges . Comment down below what you think about them

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