Top 5 photography Societies of Delhi University

top 5 photography societies

Click , Click , Click and capture the emotions of that moment!!

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.
In our everyday life we spent our most of the important moment while clicking Selfie or taking pictures of the surroundings . Therefore it also give birth to the passion of photography in youngsters.

DU have a renowned image for there societies . Students get hyped up for becoming the member of this societies because of which DU also have ECA quota to support photography society.

If you think what is so special about photography society of DU as it also provide the same facilities like any other universities , then my friend you need to see and consider the following points :-

1) Taking pictures is not the whole thing as there are various concepts like taking snapshots of minor details that will enhance the skills of any photographer, so DU societies provide various professional workshops to enhance the concepts in young minds.

2) Showcasing the talent to the outer world is also a art ,which also act as a catalyst in the career , hence this type of societies provide many opportunities where students can showcase there talents like by organizing exhibition , small level competition , inter-college competition and believe me there are lot of opportunities as most of the DU colleges have this type of societies and they all organized this type of events.

3) DU itself is the huge world where you can different perspective as there are variety of people it contain. The intermix crowd help students to understand different views to see the students , which will make them learn more.

4) Amazing part of this societies is that student in this societies rarely have DSLR but they always manage to click amazing photos which also make it different.

Interesting right that how DU’s photography society works, so with the following discussion we try to conclude some amazing DU’s photography societies . The list is as follows :-

1) Projekt, Film and Photography Society of LSR

photography soiety lsr
Projekt is one of the oldest photography society as it was founded in 1977. This society aim is to nurture the talent as much as possible. They basically provide workshops which are conducted by professionals to guide students with technicalities that they need to understand. Because of which many students have achieve alot and also set a benchmark in this field like Sneha Sehgal won the third position in the 48 hour filmmaking competition organised by the Filmmaking society of Gargi college, Delhi University.

One of the biggest specialty of this society is that it is always active and it is rare chance that you will find them ideal. Many different competition are organized by them likeMontage- Trailer Making competition, Tarang – Photo exhibition, Chalchitra ka Manchitra , Various vine making competition and lot more.

They consider it as a art which can’t be replace by anything which is clearly understand by the statement
“Photography is viewed as a personal thing as it the photographer’s vision. We are trying to make it a democratic space by helping students learn to create photographs that everyone can relate to,” said by Deyasini Chatterjee, president of the society.

2) Pinhole Photography Society of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College

sgtb khalsa
“Aisa nahi hai ki aao, click karo aur chale jao. We’re all like family to each other now; we are with each other through each other’s problems .” said by the president of the society.

The most admirable thing which I like about this society is the warm or kinda family like environment, which they create . Here every society member is treated equally and get the right to show their stories which is also given a equal weightage. If you ever saw there social account then you will find that every time they post different pictures having some story line and always credits are from different person , so it feel like I am watching the work of a society , not a star player work of the society .

The one which I like the most is “Tales of The Lion City” is an essay that aims to capture the diversity in lifestyle and architecture of Singapore. One may find lots of modern skyscrapers everywhere mixed together with a taste of traditional Chinese, Indian and Malay influenced buildings. Combining with great fitness, work ethic and rule abiding citizens. So Guys if you also like there work then let us know.

3)The Delhi University Photographers’ Club (DUPC)

For the readers I want to make it clear that DUPC is not a college society but it is created for DU students who have passion or find photography interesting. DUPC also not require any previous work as they only want your hard work and spirit of learning. Sound Cool right ! As it is rare for college society to not ask your previous work and you also have to go through a interview for sure , but it is not the case with DUPC. One of the member of the society also said that “We organise our own events, instead of participating in them. We even hold a photography fest where all other colleges participate. We try to provide a platform to budding photographers in DU.”

4)Iris Photography Society of Gargi College

Iris is consider as one of the most hardworking and determined society. They have a long list of achievement which can only be achieve by hard work and skills.

The society believe in following rules and regulations seriously which is also reflected by the statement that is  “There is also have a proper timeline that we follow at the society. We begin with basic photography sessions where we cover the general topics in the first month and then progress to advanced photography in the second month, where we start conducting photo walks. Then we progress to themed indoor photo shoots,” said Vidisha Khaitan, the convenor of Iris.

Iris also organize many events like Online photography competition,Shutter Up- On the Spot Photography Competition and many more every year.

5) Clicks,The Photography Society of DCAC

dcac du
From cultural fest to farewell , nature to angle or reflection,shutter speed to high shutterbug speed they have not left a single stone unturned , as this society try to explore their capabilities as much as possible.To be a part of the society, one has to send in their best five photographs and participate in a photo walk which determines their selection.

The society organized events like exhibition , competition , photo walks etc to showcase the young talents , so that they can appreciation and also criticism, which is the most important factor to survive in the real life.

Due to which students feel that they improved a lot , one of the student statement is like “We’ve improved in so many ways since we joined the society. Our photography has improved, our confidence has increased, and we have really learned how to befriend people. People don’t just learn photography here, they begin to truly enjoy it,” adds Verma.

So , this is the Top 5 photography societies of DU by us, please let us know what you think about this list.

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