College life is no less than a rollercoaster ,filled with exhilarating adventures one can never forget. This exciting collegiate journey of heart flipping romance, knee slapping humor and shocking twists along with some action and drama will one day come to a halt. So before it does, make sure you try all these 10 things that every college student must try

1)Try that activity on your bucket list that you never dared to.
Paragliding? Skiing? Fly as high as you can. Sky is not the limit.

2)Ask out that guy/girl you have been crushing on for so long.
Those hazel eyes and that oh-so-husky voice that made you stop dead in your tracks. Let those butterflies of your stomach flutter.

3)Protest. Speak out for that thing you find wrong.
“Du aaye aur protest nhi kia,toh kya kia”
Harassment. Violence. Wrongly convicted. Don’t be a silent watcher. Rebel. Speak out your mind for the wrongdoing that instigates your rage.

4)Volunteer for an NGO.
The million dollar smile on that kid’s face you just gave food to will make it worth your time. Spread happiness. It’s time you put your best foot forward to contribute to a noble cause.

5)Join a campus club, participate in those exciting college fests and arduous competitions.
All those things you were scared to do .College is a whole new world—and it’s all about exploring your interests. Make sure you regret nothing

6)Take that damn road trip.
There is nothing more fun than hitting the road with a bunch of close friends by your side. Overcome those obstacles with your mettle and spontaneity and you will cherish those moments for lifetime.

7)Join an add-on practical learning course.
Don’t just limit yourself to books. Educate yourself with something that will help your personality growth.
Be it coding or learning a foreign language. Do at least one course that actually enhance your skills.

8)Crash a party.
Be it a stranger’s wedding or that hostel’s club party. Dance. Drink. Befriend at least 5 people there. Loosen up. Nobody knows you here. But wait, don’t get caught!

9)Try all the food outlets in your college locality.
Be it that “matar kacchori waala” stall or that elite expensive cafe. Spicy, sour ,sweet. Make sure you get pinch of every flavor on your taste buds.

10)Gain work experience
Don’t default to that same summer internship you have been preparing yourself for. Try working in different fields and gain experience in unexplored areas. Be it social media marketing, content writing or graphic designing.
It shows you as opportunistic on your resume and who knows you might find your passion there.

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