Top 5 internship interview questions of Delhi University 2022

Top 5 internship interview questions of Delhi University 2022

Someone who is looking first time a practical, meaningful, real-life corporate career would have a lot of questions in his and her mind but remember its not their turn its corporates who would through one after other bouncers question during internships talk.
Here we bring you top 5 internship interview questions asked out of most of the employers’ questions. The data is collected while having multiple interactions with many students and they gave below details of frequently asked interview questions:

1 Tell me about yourself?

Most common question but yes your communication skills and how you present yourself is checked during this instance.

2. Why do you want to join this internship?

Reasons, justification and your fitment is checked, also to see how prepared you are for this particular role.

3. What are your expectations for this internship?

Just to check what you would get in return if they appoint you is matching or not, if not then they might choose some other better candidate.

4. What’s your strengths and weaknesses?
Some people give honest reply but nothing wrong and right here, an employer is just checking how confident you are and how are you as a person sine resume doesn’t not reflect these characteristics of a person.
5. Why should we select you?
You need to share your your uniqueness for that job which might be less available or not available with other candidates so the chances of your selection is higher. If you don’t have any deal smartly have a smile on your face and reply.
Happy job hunt!
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