Motivation helps you achieve something which is normally unachievable to you. On the other hand, demotivation can result in you losing in which you were born genius. In sports an opponent, despite poor skills and technique can defeat you just by demotivating you on something.


Here we are presenting top 10 tips for motivation, could be beneficial all time even during covid-19 and pandemics as well.


Choose that you interest

Choose something to work on that you really like and want to achieve, something that you love to do. You would automatically get so much energy, time and commitment to do that if you interest something. It may not interest you much that you don’t want to and you were asked to do.


Track your progress

Write down what was your starting initial stage and how gradually you made the progress. It would be on chart, pictorial form or in sentences in description. Remember your motive should be to see your progress and not negativity. Don’t mention what you did not achieve, rather mentioned what you achieved. For example, you learnt some technical language, operating your cell phone in a better way, any electrical device that you wanted to be familiar with but because of time constraints you never gave much attention.


Don’t focus much on productivity

Think of a travelling scenario, you don’t focus on productivity, you just enjoy the journey and you keep yourself relaxed. This lockdown time would pass soon, try to enjoy this journey, stressing too much on productivity would make you restless and that burden would create anxiety. In the entire world things are moving slow now, people are just passing time. You would have many years to be competitive enough but this is not the right time to think of competition.


Break up your goals in part

Divide your goals in two segments; easy and difficult. Start with the easy 1st and then take the difficult one slowly. The confidence of achieving easy will help in achieving difficult one as well.


Set virtual meetings with friends

Social distancing creating toxic environment amongst everyone but there is a way out, plan a regular meeting with friends on zoom or at any other platforms, even just like we sit in classroom together, we walk in park together same way while working on anything have friends in front of you as if he/she sitting beside you. One has to plan it to stay connected.


Have a companion

It would be good if you have a friend, a family member or someone as a mentor to help you in achieving your goals. Someone may not be actually like your goal but as a companion in your goals would definitely keep the momentum up.


Choose partner who is below your expertise level

In the process of achieving your goals have a partner who is below your expertise and capability and take him along to achieve. It would create a huge difference in your motivation and performance. You know the best teacher is not one who knows well and teaches well but the one who inspires and creates curiosity to know more by a student him or herself.


Fun filled activity

Enjoy what you are doing, have a fun element in the journey of your achievements, boring work style would not make you creative. Remember in your childhood days you used to like cartoons pictures more than academic books’ diagrams.


Break is necessary in between

Take as many breaks as you want in between, not necessary that you have to achieve something in a single attempt or in a single sitting. We generally forget to take a break while something interesting we work on, but we wait for a break when something boring is going on, for example boring school lectures or boring office meetings.


Reward yourself

Most important factor is reward for achievements. Reward yourself at every stage of achievements. The reward could be eating your favorite food, watching your favorite movie etc., anything which you like and you keep aside as a cost of achievement.


Social Distancing, work from home, online classes and staying safe are becoming normal routine now. One has to accept it as reality until there is a change in game. Be smart and active, adopt quickly.

Upgrade yourself instantly the way you upgrade your mobile applications (Apps) I am sure you would not like an app which is slow in running and has bugs. Be well prepared with the current situation, act as per your position demands, you are sure to be a winner.


live in today, leave what happened in past, don’t think too much for future, just make this day (today) great!


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