Top 10 Commerce Societies of Delhi University 2019-20

Top 10 Commerce Societies of Delhi University 2019-20

College societies make our college life enjoyable and more interesting. Colleges under Delhi University have lots of societies like comsoc, economics society, dramatics society, music society, etc. Every society conduct auditions and interviews to select their team.


Here we present you a list of Top 10 Commerce Cells of Delhi University based on survey conducted by our team, regular update and review of the students and other determinants.


1. Sri Ram College of Commerce

The Commerce Society, Shri Ram College of Commerce, is one of the most eminent societies of this prestigious institution, which works with a view to provide an efficacious platform of opportunities to those who have a ravenous appetite for brilliance.


This vision is also backed by the college authorities by making available all the paramount academic and constructive resources, as and when required. Those who believe, make their ideas come alive! And they believe in chasing excellence!

Total votes : 6122


2. Hansraj College

There mission is to create a class of people who standout in every field of life. With the guidance of teachers we create valuable people for the society who can not only serve themselves but the society as a whole.


The team members of this society are very hardworking and work very well throughout the year. Recently Team organized Farewell for their seniors to say final GOOD BYE!!!


The society also organized very successful events in the previous years which were a huge success and a lot of students from IPU and DU participated.

Total votes : 5670


3. Gargi College

The Commerce Association of Gargi College is an order of enthusiasts who are dedicated towards the betterment of the Commerce Departement of the college as a whole. We organize various events and seminars for the Commerce Students of Gargi.

Total votes : 5343


4. Kirori Mal College

The Commerce Society of Kirori Mal College is an association of students that represents the Department of Commerce. It has taken the mantle of organizing various activities for the department throughout the year. The basic objective of Commerce Society is to foster social and intellectual activity among the students and, in particular to develop interest in the study of commerce by providing a platform which correlates the world of knowledge with a world of practical reality. For this purpose it arranges talks, lectures, group discussion, competition, seminars, conferences and the likes.

Total votes : 5166


5. Kamla Nehru College

The motto of the Association is to encourage participation, raise awareness and give students an opportunity to use their skills in the real world. The Association abides by the agenda of “surrounding itself with assets, not liabilities!”

The greatest achievement of the society has been its annual Commerce Departmental Fest “Commxcelsior.” The fest has recorded a sponsorship as high as 17 Lakhs in cash and kind.

Total votes : 4891


6. Maharaja Agrasen College

MAC COMMERCE SOCIETY (MCS) is a Society of the Commerce Department of Maharaja Agrasen College, University of Delhi governed under MCS RULE BOOK and follows a well-defined organisational structure.

Total votes : 4786


7. College of Vocational Studies

ComSoc CVS is the group of young and dynamic commerce enthusiasts who aim to achieve the goal of insightful and practical knowledge and experience of students in the commerce industry and build team work and leadership skills among the onlookers.

Total votes : 4671


8. PGDAV College (Morning)

COMMERCIUM- The Commerce society, P.G.D.A.V. College, University of Delhi take pride in introducing themselves as one of the fastest growing departmental society dedicated to making the fraternity imbibe the effects of latest developments in the economy and in the field of commerce through various seminars, conferences and discussions.

Total votes : 4448


9. Motilal Nehru College

The mission is to bring all the students who have same interest for the subject under one umbrella.  We seek to develop various entrepreneurial and management skills through various events that they organised during their fest and also through the various seminars and workshops conducted round the year.

Total votes : 4215


10. Dyal singh College

COMHUB, The Commerce Society of DSEC, aims at making each student foster knowledge, experience and creativity before entering into the corporate world.

Total votes : 3980

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