Top 10 Commerce Societies 2018-19

top 10 commerce cells
top 10 commerce cells

College societies make our college life enjoyable and more interesting. Colleges under Delhi University have lots of societies like Commerce society, economics society, dramatics society, music society, etc. Every society conduct auditions and interviews to select there team. Here we present you a list of Top 10 commerce societies of Delhi University.

[Note :- The societies ranking are based on a survey conducted by our team, regular update and review of the students and other factors.]


The Commerce Society, Shri Ram College of Commerce, is one of the most eminent societies of this prestigious institution, which works with a view to provide an efficacious platform of opportunities to those who have a ravenous appetite for brilliance.

This vision is also backed by the college authorities by making available all the paramount academic and constructive resources, as and when required. Those who believe, make their ideas come alive! And they believe in chasing excellence!

Recently they organized BizStreet – the annual fest of The Commerce Society, SRCC, being a national level platform, is a perfect meeting ground for all the enthusiasts to bring out the best of their skills through the commerce prism.


There mission is to create a class of people who standout in every field of life. With the guidance of teachers we create valuable people for the society who can not only serve themselves but the society as a whole.

The team members of this society are very hardworking and work very well throughout the year. Recently Team organized Farewell for their seniors to say final GOOD BYE!!!

The society also organized very successful events in the previous years which were a huge success and a lot of students from IPU and DU participated.


There mission is to provide the highest quality education in the field of Commerce with the aim to train the leaders of tomorrow. Like other college societies, this society also organized many successful events one of them is  Zeitgeist ’18 – The Annual Commerce Fest of Hindu College. Recently, they organized Farewell for there seniors and shows love for there seniors.


kirorimal college comsoc

The commerce society, kirorimal college is an association of students that represents the Department of Commerce. It is one of the most eminent and fulgent societies of the institution.

The Commerce Society works with a view to foster social and intellectual activity among the students. For this purpose it arranges talks, lectures, group discussion, competition, seminars, conferences and the likes throughout the year.

With the support of Principal and under the continuance guidance of Staff Advisor, Leena Devi, The Commerce Society has been successfully moving towards creating a vibrant academic environment. This society has been able to establish a strong team which marches on with the society banner.


Ever since its formation, RamComm has always strives to bring out the best possible outcomes one could expect. The commerce fest, ‘Bizz-Blaze’ being the best example, which saw huge crowd of student participation from various colleges across the country.

The most important mission of RamComm is ‘Go for Breakthrough’ and to achieve it the team of RamComm supports and mentors every individual to grow to his/her full potential. They seek to achieve this as a team and always support intellectual discussions to maintain the focus among commerce and intellect.


Amaze, Inspire, Achieve. These are not just words but the three strong pillars on which Comania stands. Since day one, they aimed to be the best versions of ourselves for reaching new heights and realising our true potential.

Giving opportunity to the juniors has always been there priority. Thus, after a powerful orientation, they selected a set of ambitious students who excellently stood up to all our expectations throughout the year. Starting things off early, they planned and developed two events in the off-season when societies hesitate to do so.

There unique fun-event ‘WTF: Where’s The Food’ was a huge success and procured a great footfall.They partnered with ‘Delhi Food Truck Festival’ for the event. The Online Event ‘Rise of the Planet of Apps’ followed immediately after and had success even when exams were close.


commerce society SGTB KHALSA

The Commerce Society of SGTB Khalsa College, informally known as Comsoc, is majorly a student run society under the guidance of the commerce teachers in the college. The office bearers of the society work excruciatingly the whole year round.

Throughout the years, it has achieved enormous feats, be it in terms of student participation, breeding a sense of enthusiasm among the students and motivating them to tap their potential to the fullest extent. Comsoc is easily the biggest Society in the college, and consequently, so are the responsibilities associated with it. We aim to make 2016-17 another year of breakthrough success for Comsoc .

The Commerce Society organizes a plethora of events, seminars, conclaves, workshops throughout the academic year. It also organises the annual Commerce excursion trip which leaves imprints of countless memorable moments among the students’ college life.

At an analytical level, the main aim of the Society is to create a sense of team-work and teach the students how to gel together as a unit when faced with challenges.


Our mission is to bring all the students who have same interest for the subject under one umbrella.  We seek to develop various entrepreneurial and management skills through various events that they organised during their fest and also through the various seminars and workshops conducted round the year.

They formally call themselves the “Combrosia: The Commerce Society”. Combrosia of Motilal Nehru College is one of the most active societies. It strives to inspire and motivate students. The core idea of the society is to promote talent among young students and mobilize them to showcase their skills and talent through various competitions.


‘The Corporates’ – The commerce society of Satyawati College is one such platform for all students to experience and learn all about the corporate industry. With seminars, discussions, fests, they learn and grow and most importantly experience the whole working process of the commerce sector. They started their year with back to back seminars and workshops on important commerce topics.

They also were a part of the discussion between NDTV and Nobel peace prize winner Kailash Satyarthi. They also organised an MSME workshop which helped the students to understand the industries better.


The motto of the Association is to encourage participation, raise awareness and give students an opportunity to use their skills in the real world. The Association abides by the agenda of “surrounding itself with assets, not liabilities!”

The greatest achievement of the society has been its annual Commerce Departmental Fest “Commxcelsior.” The fest has recorded a sponsorship as high as 17 Lakhs in cash and kind. Continuing the trend this year as well the fest has recorded a great footfall with the IPL Auction being nominated as the best event.

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[…] we present you a list of Top 10 Commerce Cells of Delhi University based on survey conducted by our team, regular update and review of the students and other […]

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