Lights! Camera! Tamasha!

TILT- The Film Appreciation Society of ARSD is back with the most awaited festival of the year, TAMASHA.

Tamasha’22 gives every movie fanatic a chance to display their talent by participating in a number of competitions.

We are thrilled to invite you all to join us for the festival which will feature various events.

1) Afsana – The filmmaking competition

If you have the knack for making a short film, show us what you got. This competition is open to filmmakers out there.

2) Adlure- The Ad making competition

Ad making is an art and if it’s made creatively, then a ladder to win this competition. Win exciting prizes (for participants as well) in this competition

3) MCU Quiz

Because if you are a marvel fan, you deserve a chance to show it off. Come join us as all the Marvel fans assemble for the crown of who is the biggest MCU fan.

4) Flixathon- Binge watching quiz

Got what it takes to remember all the shows you watch? You think you are the biggest binge watcher out there? Prove it. Come join us and get a chance to win amazing cash prizes.

5) Muse- Rewriting and analysis

This unique competition is for the writer in you. Join us as we explore what it means to be a movie fan and a writer.

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