How is Technology affecting the future of India?

How is Technology affecting the future of India?

Over the past decades, technology has become more and more a part of our daily lives, to the point where it has taken over our lives.

The list of new technologies grows every single day. It has made our lives much more easier and convenient. From transactions to long distance calls, the advent of smartphones has simplified our lives immensely. People now can connect with their closed ones more easily and frequent through video calls and direct messaging services. Introduced various options to the peoples to develop personal and professional skills. Tasks, like creating slides, reading emails, and creating documents don’t require a PC anymore. Technology is becoming much more sophisticated day by day and also having a substantial impact on the workforce. Businesses and start-ups are all based on technology.

As we are aware of the fact that everything with the advantages has it’s drawbacks too. Hence technology has its own. Technology has a huge affect on the lives of the present generation. Instead of learning and enhancing their knowledge, they are more likely to ruin their eyesight along with their future, by falling Pray to the illegal online scams, making friends and trusting them can lead to a emotional disaster for them. Somehow stress, anxiety, depression are all related to technology. It’s not limited to this only but our whole environment and animals are also suffering the hardships. Most of the industrial wastes are released into the river or air, which has resulted into the poor air and water quality and affected the whole living cycle. Causes asthma, heart attack, typhoid, diarrhoea etc. In the present situation, impacts can be seen by the data of deaths every years. Nowadays average death age is in between 40-50 years, which is majorly because of the affect of the technology in the environment and food quality. Many of the youth has been suffering with the obesity and health issues, due to the lack of physical activity in day to day life. As everything is technology based, they use it to make  their work or lifestyle easy and efficient.

“Technology with Awareness” should be the motto of the current generation, in order to prevent the future. Using technology is great, but it’s overuse can lead to the dangerous and adverse affects on our lives. If we continue with the excessive exploitation of the resources, with the idea of expanding technology, then our future will be at a higher risk. Development at the cost of billions of lives is not a smart idea to stick to.

The Discoveries of new technologies are opening a new doors for the opportunities in the future. But these Discoveries should be made with the purpose of living more healthy and happy life or the improvement of the poor quality of air or water to prevent diseases. Meaningful technologies will come up with an enjoyable and positive lifestyle.

“Technology can give a new life , also it can take lives if not used cautiously”. Affec

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