Three people including an Engineer who has done his from a University in Chennai , a Delhi University’s Khalsa College graduate have been accused and arrested for running fake government jobs racket .

As confirmed by Delhi Police , Sheetal Kumar (30) from Madhubani in Bihar first came to Delhi in 2012 in search of a government and failing at getting one , he joined Sidhana’s Gang to earn easy money through fraudulent measures.

They used a lot of measures to prove their ā€œ genuinenessā€ to the victims , these included using appointment letters , blank identity cards , conducting fake medical tests with the help of their aide , Sanjay etc .

This came to Additional commissioner of police (crime) Rajiv Ranjan’s notice on January 3 this year after a victim informed police how Manish and his associates cheated him and others of Rs. 24 lakh promising them of providing government jobs.

This act of crime could be accounted to the increasing rate of unemployment in India . Everybody needs a job in order to support himself or his family financiallyĀ  . Everyone wants to make money directly or indirectly . This is because our economy is developing and the rate of economic growth isn’t too rapid either .

In this case , each member of the gang must’ve been in a desperate need of money and failing at acquiring what they wanted , they started usingĀ  fraudulent measures to gain money . Instead of choosing the difficult path ,they chose the easy path which was wrong and ended in putting them in jail .

Also , the increasing rate of crimes like these could also be because of the lesser job opportunities available in India and therefore not using the youth potential effectively . Each and every sector needs to open up different vacancies otherwise it will be extremely difficult to support an economy of 132.42 crores people.

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