New Delhi: First ever survey conducted by ASIA (All India Students Association) Left affiliated student wing association, was released on Tuesday which was followed by a rally across North campus of Delhi University. The campaign was carried in more than 30 colleges of Delhi university. The survey was done to evaluate the policies made by Modi Government. The policies were assessed on the following grounds: jobs and placements, accomodation, gender violence, academic freedom and social discrimination.

There are around 21,000 students in Delhi university, out of which 83% expressed their dissatisfaction with the centre policies.

According to Kanwalpreet Kaur, President of AISA, DU, the BJP- ABVP regime has mostly lead to creating difficulties for campus students even teachers. Their autonomy curtails campus freedom of teachers as well as the students. Around 21,456 students gave their opinion on government’s policies, out of which only 15% of students were satisfied with jobs and placements, 16% with accomodation, and 13% were satisfied with the transportation system. Moreover only 17% students were satisfied on the account of gender violence and on infrastructural improvement only 20%. Academic freedom could only satisfy 18% of the students and overall only 19% students were satisfied with Modi Government.

The overall result of the survey of Modi Government could only satisfy 17% of the students, which in itself is a big failure of Modi Government.

After the results were released it was confirmed that the government didn’t work in the favor of either students or teachers. This survey will also help the students to decide who they are going to vote for the next elections.

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