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20 Days.

480 Hours.

28,800 Minutes.

17,28,000 Seconds.

A ton of syllabus to be covered.

Yes! This is that time of the semester when all hell break loose and friendships are tested.

“Bhai kitna padh liya?”

“Kuch nhi yaar”

“Tu hi Mera Saccha Dost hai”

The Sacchi Dosti test is here and many know that they will be heartbroken.

From sharing notes on WhatsApp to study conference calls at night, the first and the last question asked is “Kitna Padh Liya?”

The various replies in variant differentiation to the question fills the chat bubbles. But you know better to trust the Chatturs and ChanChhars.

Let’s explore them all-

1. “Abhi Start Krna hai”

2. “Bas abhi Book kholi thi”

3. “Yaar mein fail hu iss baar pkka”

4. “Tera dost tujhe company dega”

5. ”Chall hi rha hai”

6. ”Yee sab Moh Maya hai”

7. “Question not valid”

Internally Giggling

For you know which are the truthful one’s and which are not.

If your friend replies to your question with a different answer, comment down below and tag them.

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By somya puri

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