Let’s see, what Case Heist: Know How to Solve One is all about?

Case Heist: Know How to Solve One is a 2- day event on cracking consulting interviews and acing case competitions organized by Estrategia: The Case Study Cell of Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi.



Estrategia is founded by strong-minded girls to inculcate spontaneous thinking, communication skills, presentation skills, research skills, skills that are not optional, but essential to make a mark in the corporate world. We envision bringing a plethora of opportunities for students that require one step out of their comfort zone, which will boost their confidence and make them case competition-ready.




Topic: Acing Case Competitions

Date: 18 September 2021

Speaker: Sonam C.W., Co-founder- Stargazers Consulting

Day- 2

Topic: Cracking Case Interviews

Date: 19 September 2021

Speaker: Abhijith Ganesh Sampathila, ISB Hyderabad, Bain & Co.


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