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About Bharathidasan University (BDU)

Bharathidasan University established in February 1982, and was named after the great revolutionary Tamil Poet, Bharathidasan (1891-1964). The motto of the University “We will create a brave new world” has been framed from Bharathidasan’s poetic words “புதியதோர் உலகம் செய்வோம்”. The University endeavours to be true to such a vision by creating in the region a brave new world of academic innovation for social change.


The University’s main Campus was initially located in a sprawling area of over 1000 acres in Palkalaiperur. However, as years passed on, the South Campus at Palkalaiperur with the available infrastructure was donated to the newly started Anna University of Technology. Very recently, another portion of the land has been allotted to the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Tiruchirappalli. Also, the University has a downtown campus at Khajamalai, which housed originally the Autonomous Post-Graduate Centre of the University of Madras at Tiruchirappalli.


In addition to the administrative complex, which includes the Vice-Chancellor’s Secretariat, Registrar’s Office, Finance and Examination offices, most of the academic departments and research laboratories are located in the main Palkalaiperur Campus.

There courses available are:

Online MBA

Online BBA

Online MA

Online BA


About University Alagappa University

Alagappa University has emerged from the galaxy of institutions initially founded by the great philanthropist and educationist Dr. RM. Alagappa Chettiar during the 1950s.


Alagappa University, Karaikudi (Tamil Nadu) has a 440 acre green and lush campus houses all the academic activities.


Alagappa University was brought into existence by a Special Act of the Government of Tamil Nadu in May 1985 with the objective of fostering research, development and dissemination of knowledge in various branches of learning.


Alagappa University is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India.

The University offers education through Regular, Week-end, Online and Collaborative modes. Through all modes of education, the University caters to the needs of the student community of around 1.12 lakhs.


There is nothing more rewarding than giving a perfect boost to the career to learn more, grow more and achieve more. Alagappa University Online Programmes have provided exceptional results and have helped students excel in their field of work.


It’s time to cope with the ever-changing business environment, and now you need to move ahead of the time to up your game. Alagappa University Online Programmes are designed keeping professionals and new to online learning in mind. So, as it gives you the freedom to learn at your own pace and convenience.

There are two courses available:

MBA Program

BBA Program


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