TASHI’18 :  #red panda

Acknowledging the beauty of this wonderful country, and making  an attempt to connect better with its heritage. National  Service Scheme (NSS) of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College, University of Delhi is proud to announce its cultural fair “TASHI’18, SIKKIM : where nature smiles” on 22nd March, 2018, as directed by MHRD. It is an attempt by NSS UNIT to expose people to the wonders of this spellbounding and unique state with many fun, exciting  and insightful games and events. The fair has something to offer for each and every person, from curious and adventurous souls to deep thinkers and speakers.

“ It’s hard not to stand in awe and enchantment with the beauty in which nature expresses itself.”

As enchanting are the various performances in store for the event put up by handles like MAGUS,MUSOC,NEPATHYA,GIDDA ,GATKA and BEAT BOXING. The names are  promise of a very fun and fulfilling evening  which the event holds good on. Also in the frenzy of so much excitement the competitions with such lucrative prizes only add to it. Many competitions for those seeking something different are there to test their skills, quick thinking, perception etc.. WANDERLUST, WORD BLAZE, MY PARLIAMENT-AAR YA PAR, and TASHI-O-MANIA are entertaining as well as engaging throwing people headlong into valleys of Sikkim with the aroma they carry with them. A tour to Sikkim may still be far but come to TASHI’18,  where the aroma and songs of Sikkim valleys flow in the air.

We look forward to your graceful presence in the Fair to make it a success.

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