Delhi University’s four departments have been involved in a controversy over undergraduate syllabi, following objections raised by a section of teachers and students’ groups, have been asked to submit revised curriculums to the oversight committee by October 31.

In a letter dated August 14, While the first-semester syllabus of English, History, Sociology and Political Science was approved by the committee. After “wider consultations the departments were asked to undertake revisions and upload the rest of the syllabus on the university’s website.

The departments have also been instructed to ensure that the UGC regulation of 30% cap on alterations of core papers as of 2015-16 be followed and that the same structure and sequence of papers is to be followed.

The panel has recommended to make a few changes which even the Academic Council member Rasal Singh has welcomed .

· The History department is asked to include three books published by Aryan Books International in its list of additional readings dealing with Indian History.

· The English department to replace a sub-heading titled ‘Indian People’s Theatre Association’ with ‘Indian Theatre Movements’ and delete another sub-heading titled ‘Radical’ and replace it with ‘Post Independence Indian Theatre’.

· The Political Science department has been asked to include a sub-heading of ‘Business’ in the paper on Understanding Political Theory.