A lot of students from all over India , come to study in Delhi University , the most challenging task for them is to live in a new city with new surroundings and new people . Students have to go through a lot of Mix emotions

Many students prefer to live in hostel  because of many reasons like safety , security and other facilities. Students who live in hostel have to live according to the rules and regulations but at the same time they also get a chance to make new friends around them and enjoy the new atmosphere.

In some hostels, students have to compromise a lot on food but in the DU hostels there is no such problem of food. Different types of dishes are served to students so that they have a variety of choice to eat from .
Du hostels also provide medical facilitate so in case if a student has any emergency then they can be given a first aid.

Well , hostel life is a mix of emotions , far away from home and exploring new things and trying to figure out everything in a new way is a journey in itself to be remembered. Every student who lives in a hostel has some great stories which they will always remember.