Your college is your temple; your teachers are God and seniors? Well your seniors, your seniors are your priests who will guide you to a path of righteousness. They have been through the cave and their advices and experiences are like scriptures that will help you a long way to discover what lies ahead of you. So we bring you a surprise; Experiences and advices of the people who have been there and done it, in LITERALLY their own words.

“Throughout my lifetime I have listened to people reflect back on their college experiences and explain how college is supposed to be “the best experience of your life.”

So, I got admitted in Satyawati College. Thanks to Bollywood, an image of a DU college was set in my mind and on the very first day I realized that it was far far away from the reality. 

I began my journey, got to know about different societies, got to meet new people from almost every part of India. Then came the election season! All the candidates and their supporters in white shirts and kurtas,shaking hands, distributing pamphlets and asking for our support. 

As the semesters passed, I started loving my college. In semester break when my friends used to pack their bags and leave for their home, it felt like a family function has ended.

Then there was the fest season, which every DU student wait for! I was lucky enough to have Sharukh khan, Varun Dhavan, and many more in DU Campus. 

Believe me! I still don’t know when these 3 years ended! It almost felt like I had started yesterday! I have lived 3 years of my life to the fullest and trust me, DU teaches you lessons which you simply cannot learn in a classroom.”


(Bcom H, Alumnus of Satyawati College)

“For some, this beginning starts with a success as they crack 

into the colleges they have targeted whilst others are disappointed for not getting into a college they did. But what we fail to recognize is more than the college brand what matters in the end is 

your ‘own personal brand’. Whether you have studied what you really wanted to or not, it all still depends upon how you tailor yourself and market yourself as a brand by bringing a ‘unique-selling-point’ on the table. As school, this journey will also end at a destination. But here your journey will determine your destination and not otherwise. Be intentional in your friendships and savor the college trips and build memories you can sit back and cherish upon. These 3 years are to be dedicated to not to build a resume but an unapologetic you. Foster yourself as a strong headed person, filter your choices wisely, make mistakes and learn from them but no matter what don’t give up.”


(Economics H, 2nd year, Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma college)

“Oh so you wanted advice?

Try doing something that you’ve always wanted to. When you enter college, you leave behind your entire personality back in school. It’s a fresh start. A new page. A new leaf. And you are the sole author. Yes, at times it may feel things aren’t falling in place, you’re losing your grip, but just hold tight. To quote Tracy McMillan, “Everything works out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out yet, then it’s not the end.”

All the best!


(BMS, 2nd year, Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce”)

 “If I look back at my journey it has been one with lots of changes and understanding. The only advice I give to the Freshers is explore. Explore the college campus, the places to visit, new people, societies and themselves. This is one year where you can give yourself a foundation and work upon it. My first year was about finding  new dimensions onto everything, taking responsibility, organizing work and starting things from scratch. If you could give yourself that exposure, it would be in your best interest. Use your first year in the best  possible ways. All the best”


(Psychology honours, 2nd year, Daulat Ram college)

“Being a student of Daulat Ram College, I was quite disappointed with the college infrastructure and facilities. But, the number of societies that I am into and the exposure that they provide is commendable. I think no university is as active and as open to exploration as DU is. A piece of advice to the freshers would be to get involved in co-curricular activities which actually yield them something. It not only enhances one’s skills but also makes a student more comfortable in a social circle. I believe “studies alone can do nothing if there isn’t any experience.”


(English honours ,2nd year,Daluat Ram College)

“Experience in the college was pretty awesome. Though being a girl’s college nothing is there in which we were not in.. be it sports.. drama.. dance.. arts.. everything.. our college is a perfect blend of academics as well as cultural activities..

What I loved was everyone was given the opportunity.. the teachers were supportive and help in building our confidence by taking a lot of presentations.. there were almost 1-2 functions every month and this made the college much more interesting to me..

As a fresher.. try to attend the classes rather bunking.. because the teachers are way too good and the teaching way is very interesting.. it will help a lot..  secondly try to participate in each and every function and be a part of any one society.. then surely the 3 years of college life is going to be perfect..! “


(Bio Medical Science, alumnus of Shaheed Rajguru college of Medical Sciences)

 “College is journey that you will not forget for the rest of your life. You work hard but sometimes you are not able to get into your dream college. Honestly, I felt the same too. But don’t worry, after few days you will fall in love with these four walls. For now focus what lies ahead of you. Do as much internship as you can, participate in fests and events but most importantly work hard to get a good GPA too. No matter where you come from or what choices you made before that you regret, make sure that in these four years of your life, you get the most of it. Meet new people, fall in love, make mistake…because in the end it will all be worth it.”


(B-Tech, Alumnus of IP University)

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