St. Stephens to penalise students for not vacating hostel rooms

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The St. Stephens college, University of Delhi will charge a penalty of 100 Rs per day from student’s who will not vacate the rooms by 7 August.

Student’s are very disappointed with this notification released by the college authority. Due to this pandemic, many student’s are stuck here in PG’s and Hostels and they cannot go back to homes because of lack of transport facility and covid risk.

According to the principal of College, student’s are sent various reminders from past few weeks for sanitisation as the new session is going to begin in few months and college needs to clean and sanitise the rooms for new students.

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“Resident Junior members are also hereby notified that, if and when the government gives the permission to reopen the residence facilities, all belongings and luggage will be moved a week prior to the date of residence reopening to facilitate necessary cleaning and renovations. In such occasion, the college will not be responsible for loss or damages,” Notice says.

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