SC/ST faculty posts to drastically reduce in Delhi University

After the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) issued a red-flag over the implementation of UGC’s new formula for calculating reservation in teaching jobs, officials at the Delhi University (DU) also raised concern saying that the posts reserved for Schedule Caste (SC) candidates will be reduced by 60 percent, and those for Scheduled Tribe (ST) by almost 80 percent, if the formula be implemented here.According to BHU’s projection, posts reserved for SC will be reduced by half, ST by almost 80 percent and for OBC candidates by 30 percent, if it were to implement the UGC’s new formula for calculating reservation in teaching jobs.As per the new UGC formula, the reservation for SC/ST/OBC in the recruitment of all levels of teacher posts will be calculated by treating each department of the university/institution as a “unit”. However, until now, the number of reserved positions were calculated by treating the university/institution as a single “unit”. “The new formula will lead to a sharp drop in the recruitment of SC/ST/OBC candidates. Under this, the number of reserved posts at every level will be determined separately for each department. That means, if a department has only six associate professor-level posts, none will be reserved for SC and ST candidates. Reservation will only be implemented through the rotation and it can take years,” said Hansraj Suman, Chairperson of DU’s SC/ST/OB teachers forum.

In DU, the departments like Botony, Environmental Science, Anthropology and Zoology, having lesser posts, will get affected the most, he said. “Even in colleges wise departments which don’t offer honours courses there are only 4-5 teaching posts. SC/ST candidates can never be selected there as well,” Suman said. There are 4,500 posts of assistant professors in colleges and 1911 faculty posts in departments across DU.

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