Recruitment 2018: University of Delhi is now hiring

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Recruitment 2018: University of Delhi is now hiring Delhi University have finally started their recruitment process. The eligible candidates for the post of Assistant professors on guest basis or ad-hoc are required in various departments of Kamala Nehru College and Bhagini Nivedita College.

The official advertisements regarding Delhi University Recruitment 2018 of Assistant professors on ad-hoc or guest basis are released by the respective colleges, carrying information on time, date and venue of the walk-in interviews. Some of the vacancies of Bhagini Nivedita College and Kamala Nehru College are given below.

Bhagini Nivedita College – Department of History have 7 vacancies, Physics have 10, Political Science have 6, Commerce, Home Science and Computer Science have 3 vacancies each, Chemistry and Economics have 2 posts, EVS have 1 while there are only 2 vacancies in the Department of Mathematics.

Kamala Nehru College – Department of Psychology have 4+1 leave vacancy. Whereas, Department of Sanskrit have 1 ad-hoc and 1 guest vacant position. Also, there are 8 vacancies in Political Science, 5 in Mathematics, 3 in Philosophy, 2 in Journalism, 4 in Geography while Department of Sociology have 4 posts and Commerce have 10+2 leave vacancy with 1 guest vacancy. Hindi have 2+1 leave vacancy and Economics have 6+3 leave vacancy whereas History Department have 1+1 leave vacancy and English with 7+1 leave vacancy.

However, the only applicants who are a part of ad-hoc panel of Delhi University are eligible for interview. Therefore, before attending the interview, all applicants should make sure that their names are enlisted in their respective departments in the updated ad-hoc panel of the varsity. The reporting time is 30 minutes before the scheduled time and the registrations will close maximum one hour after the interviews starts.


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