Problems faced by students from south india while taking addmision in delhi university last year

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Delhi University is one of the most prestigious universities in India with more than 1.5lakh students. Several students from Kerala attain admission in University of Delhi every year for various Undergraduate (UG), Post Graduate (PG) and research programmes. More than 500 students from Kerala are pursuing courses in Delhi University right now. Like many other state board students, students from Kerala Board are also face several issues in the process of admission – mainly in UG – and some return home failing to take admission.“The number Malayali of students in DU is increasing year by year. But unfortunately, some deserving students are not able to attain admission in DU due to several reasons,” says Maaroof Chathoth, president of Maithry, an association of students from Kerala who pursue various courses in the varsity.

Maithry is engaged in the DU admission process for the last 13 years since its inception.Maaroof listed out some problems that students from Kerala faced and will encounter in the coming days in attaining admission in colleges affiliated with the Delhi-based central university.

According to Maaroof, they are:

‘Issue of Mathematics’ for B.Com aspirants

“Students who pursued commerce in Kerala Plus Two had just ‘mathematics’ printed in their mark list in the previous years. Last year it has been recorded as ‘mathematics-com’. 

Mathematics is a compulsory subject for attaining admission in Bcom (H) and Economics (H) in DU.The authorities had rejected the admission requests of many students stating that the mathematics pursued by commerce students is different from that pursued by the science students. Later, we found it very difficult to get the confirmation from the state board that the mathematics followed by both commerce and science students are the same, also that the syllabus followed by state board is NCERT syllabus”. 

‘Malayalam Paper’

“Malayalam is a subject that higher secondary students in Kerala pursue as an elective subject. But in the mark list it is not specified as elective/core. Due to this students who pursued malayalam was denied admission in the previous years. There are many students who had to avoid Malayalam in the calculation of best four subjects (BFS). The authorities informed that specifying the subject as elective/core can avoid such problems. Subjects like Hindi and Arabic are considered as elective for university admission.

 ‘Defects in caste certificate’

“To obtain admission in DU in based on OBC reservation, its mandatory to submit an NCL certificate issued by the Tehsildar. But the differences in the certificates issued by different Taluk officers in different parts of Kerala has put the authorities in a dilemma.Mostly, students belonging to the ‘Mappila’ caste have been facing difficulties. The OBC list of central government has approved reservations for Mappila, other Muslims (excluding Bohra, Kachch, Memon, Nawayath, Thurukan, Dekah). But the certificates issued by majority of the Taluk offices in Kerala has ‘Muslim’ written in the religion column and ‘Islam-Mappila’ written in the caste column. The number of students who were denied admission due to such issues is aplenty. So as to resolve these issues we would like to request the authorities in Kerala to give a uniform structure to all certificates issued by the Taluk offices in different parts of Kerala.” 

‘Current Evaluation Marks’

“In some colleges in DU, they are not ready to include current evaluation (CE) marks in the BFS Calculation. They used only theory marks in the certificate. In Last years’ prospectus it was clearly mentioned that CE marks can be taken while calculating BFS. 

These problems can be resolved by a unique calculation system for BFS in all colleges in DU.

It’s important that we find solutions for such issues to fulfill the higher education dreams of all Malayali students. Hence we humbly request you to find an appropriate solution for all the above mentioned issues as opportunities like these once lost can never be regained”

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