Delhi university’s admission process will start from 30 may 2019 at 8:00 pm.

If you are planning for DU you must have researched about varsity but the reality would be different from what you are expecting. DU is a different world in it’s own.

So let’s give you some insights about DU.

You might be thinking that school is over so you can do whatever you want but don’t forget in all this that every college has it’s own attendance rule which can’t be ignored.

Real college life of DU is very different from what they show in movies.

Being in college not only means to follow up a routine to go to college, attend lectures and come back home. There’s a lot more to it, you will go explore the popular points near your college, hangout with friends. So being short of money is a part of you life in college.

Your new diet plan would include Maggi and bunta and that will never be enough for you because these will be your last resort when you’re broke but don’t worry it’s awesome.

As DU is also famous for it’s politics so freshers will also get a lot to experience about politics and protests. Without protests and politics DU is incomplete.

Everything will change at the end of semester because it will be your exams. You’ll soon get in touch with that topper too because that’s how it works you’ll do anything to survive your exams.