Only key skills to get you Delhi University seat through sports quota

Source Economic Times

Admissions in Delhi Universitthrough sports quota will see modifications this year. Students with specific skill sets will only be eligible to apply under this quota.

An official from the university clarified that colleges will issue specific requirements to the university, considering which the candidates would be chosen. For example, if a college volleyball team needs a ‘lifter’, only those with this skill set after trials will be considered, he explained.

DU’s admission committee has approved the new rule under which colleges would send a list of requirements with the number and positions in their team to the university. “This will help colleges streamline their process as they will only request for specific positions and not get extra players,” a member of the sports council said.The university specified that in case of a tie between students, the one with higher marks in the DU trials would be considered.

The colleges reserve 5% seats for sports and extracurricular activities. Under the centralised admission procedure, DU conducts trials for 36 sports disciplines, including basketball, cricket, football, volleyball and multiple disciplines of athletics.Earlier a student, who played football as a striker, had to audition for all the seats on offer at DU. After clearing the trials, he/she was allotted colleges where football was played. However, sometimes a college that required a striker would get a defender. But with this new rule, colleges would get sportsmen as per requirements of the college teams, said a member of the university’s sports council.

The proposal was sent by the council to the admission committee and was approved. The council member said that more students should apply at DU as they have an advantage of the sports quota. “With the better infrastructure available, they can grow during their years at the university,” the member added.The member added that the students would have to specify their skill sets while applying for the trials. Since last year, DU has made admissions easier by giving more weightage for sports trial. “Earlier, the university gave 50% weightage to sports trial and 50% to sports certificates. However, since last year, we have given 60% weightage to the trial and 40% to certificates,” he added.

On concerns that students who do not fall into a particular position or sports bracket may miss out on admission, the member said, “It is unlikely that colleges won’t get their required sportsmen, but if that happens, positions can be altered to accommodate more students.”

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