Every kid in a school, no matter what background, need to learn the basic life skill like how to cook, what all factors will affect their bodies and tactics to survive in this world .

Schools are not just a place to learn read or write but also a place to become a better person in life.

But this definition of school have been lost its meaning for the last few years due to the burden of NCERT syllabus. Due to this  students don’t get enough time to learn any extra curricular activities. In many of the cases, when students are in their board classes (10th and 12th) they have to leave their extra activities as they need to score more for better future.

That’s why it is the high time for the authorities to take some drastic step to re-establish the definition of school again.

Hence, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar  while addressing an event marking the 10th foundation day of the Foundation for Restoration of National Values (FRNV) in the national capital said,

“There is a huge load of books and information, and students have no time. There is no time for physical education, value education and life skill . So, we decided to half the portion (syllabus). There is no need to teach them everything. Students should learn principles and rest of the knowledge they can gain later,”


The Minister not only gave the statement but also notified about the 37,000 suggestion which he got from students and parents regarding the burden on students. He even make it clear in his speech that  the values among children can only be inculcated at home and he suggested training for parents in this regard.

He also admired the effort of FRNV for putting their hard work  in the betterment of life skills and values.

This is not the end of his speech but he also said that a Bill in this regard will be considered in Parliament in the next part of the Budget Session.

He even quote “Without examination, there is no competition and no target. There must be an element of competition for better outcomes.”

He also added that if a student fails in March, he would get another chance in May. If student flunks both the times, then only he/she would be detained.
Javadekar also expressed his  concerned over the poor quality of teachers, which he said was resulting in poor learning outcomes.

“The basic task of teachers is to assess the strengths and weaknesses of students and mentor them accordingly,” he added.
With this speech minister Prakash

Javadekar clearly set a new milestone for the foundation of schools.

Written by Radhika Jindal

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