Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Wife Aaliya Opens up About His Controversial Autobiography

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife, Aaliya, who has accused the actor of adultery, being an absent father, of disrespecting her throughout the relationship and of distancing himself from her in the public has now opened up about his controversial autobiography that was pulled out of the shelves after several complaints in 2017.

Opening about the same, she said that she warned him against writing the book, in which he made some startling personal revelations. In the book, he opened up about past relationships and flings. In an interview with Times of India, she said, “When a person tries to be smart toh woh ulta pad jata hai (being cunning often backfires). If you are truthful then maybe the world would accept you. You wrote about your girlfriend and affairs, I told him not to write about someone’s personal life and we have also fought over it but he believes that at times such things make you ‘mahan’ (great). They don’t make you ‘mahan’ but your character is revealed.”

Aaliya continued and expressed her concern about the ethics of naming people in the industry and said, “She is a girl working in the industry, how can you ruin someone’s image with whom you’ve been in a relationship? I have seen his world and have decided to stand for myself. Why should I save his respect when he doesn’t respect anyone. How long will a person suffer? It has been 10 years. What you see is not always the truth, to know him you have to spend time with him, which I have done.”

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