MICROSOFT: Regaining its Market Value

MICROSOFT: Regaining it’s Market Value

Microsoft is a big technology based Multinational Company which was established by Bill Gates along with his friend Paul Allen based on their Computer Programming knowledge. It is a huge cooperation which works in the field of Computer hardware, computer electronics, software development, cloud computing, video games, internet explorer, social networking service, web browsers and many more.

Microsoft started with developing and selling basic interpreters in 1975. It gains the popularity by the creation of personal computer operating system with MS DOS and Microsoft Windows. Now, it has set the high standards and been the best company of the year 2021.

This is a huge revolution for a Company to start from nothing to gaining a huge market value and generating high revenues of US $161 Billion every year. In the year 1993 the company was overpowered by well established Companies at that time named coco cola, IBM, Walmart etc. But when the Steve Ballmer comes to the power of CEO of the Company It gains wonderful Perks and it was the first time it topped the list of best company across the world.

After making a extremely well established name and reputation company’s market value fall suddenly behind the new companies in the market with new strategies such as China mobile, petro china, ExxonMobil, ICBC etc. But as soon as the company was trying to get back on the track companies as Apple, Google, Amazon then came into existence. Then Satya Nadella took over the position of CEO and came up with various changes in the marketing and business development strategies for the company and advanced technologies with which their company against boosts up regains its market value by overcoming all the companies behind.

In 2021, Microsoft was regarded as the best company of the year, and it is the only oldest company to be at the top of the list since so long.

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