An active participation of DU’s students in new heights achieved by Sensex and Nifty

Delhi University’s students are always on top of attentiveness of any trendy news. There is an active participation in discussion of new heights achieved by Sensex and Nifty, when Nifty hit a high at 18,611 surpassed all its earlier records & Sesex closed at a peak of 62,504.

Is it the right time to invest in the Indian market? Or buying shares would be at a high price now?
What made the market reach this high position?
are few of the inquiries that are spread around the campus of Delhi University.
Teachers and professors are equally surprised to see pro-participation of youths in such financial discussions which were missing during their start of education.
Thanks to education reforms and digitalization of the entire economy.
Academics books would soon have reserved places for BSE, NSE, Mutual fund, equity. stock market, venture capitalist, ROI etc in near future if not immediately.
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