​January, February and March are the most cherished months of any college student as it comprises of the season of the cultural fests for which students eagerly wait as apart from the fun and frolic it offers the platform for the students to showcase their talent and is also an acid test of the managerial as well as the organizational skill of the entire college and being a part of Delhi University one cannot afford to give it a miss.

Delhi University has got the most vibrant and fun filled environment and fests among them are the most cherished memories of the college life. It is often considered as that time of the year when a million hues color the air and rhapsodies are redefined. It further encapsulates and accentuates the spirit of competitiveness amongst the college while bringing all of us together under the same night when those indigenous bands perform. College fests act as a stress buster from the mundane lectures and boring semesters giving students a push to participate in various cultural events, dress themselves up and dance their hearts out at bands, EDMs, DJ Night and so on. Hence tremendous participation can be seen from students from the month of January to March when every college is engaged in organizing it’s own fest which has got a wide range of activities related to different art forms, sponsorships etc. Thus  cultural festivals are purely for the students and by the students.

Similar is with Daulat Ram College that has got Manjari as one of the most famed fests of the University. It is basically featured by treasure hunt , dance competition, fashion choreography and various other events. The dramatics society of various colleges perform in front of the college and it is indeed an interesting sight. One can actually taste the excitement flowing in the air before the fest especially among the freshers  and third year students . 

As for student’s expectation,  sky is the limit, discussion can be heard all over the campus about the fest preparation and organization, the students council has already been divided in various committees catering to the various needs of the fests like bringing sponsorship, deciding the activities or competitions, singers to be called, bands and EDMs to be organized and various organization as well as the coordination team to make the coming fest a grand success just like last year which gained accolades and appreciation from the entire teacher as well as the students fraternity.

Daulat Ram College, last year successfully organized it’s two days fest Manjari 2017 on 22nd and 23rd March with tribal theme on point. The audience relished the amazing performance of different colleges in western dance competition Laasya, folk dance competition Ulhaas , classical dance competition Yogya and semi classical faceoff Darpan organized by Zenith the western dance society of DRC respectively. Alahyaa the Indian Music Society of DRC held it’s annual music fest Aaroh 2017 where the leading music society competed in various events like Sur Sangam, Jugalbandi etc. Memesis , the theatre society of DRC organized Adakari 2017 which saw a vast magnitude of spectators pulled towards the different theatre societies. Annual exhibition Tabeer 2017 was organized by Sepia , the film and photography society of DRC. Shades was organized by Spectra, the Fine Arts society  of DRC, Tejagana, the quizzing society of DRC hosted Big Fact Hunt, a general quiz along with that All India Mushairah was also held that acted as a cherry on the top . Hence the list goes on as far as the number of activities as well as the events that took place. Superstar singer Guru Randhawa ignited the event with his peppy numbers like Patola, Suit,Yaar Mod do , making the crowd dance on their toes. The cultural fest ended with the soulful singer Tulsi Kumar performing on the stage, mesmerizing the crowd with her soothing music. 

The events held at the college cultural fest left the entire crowd gaga over the preparation, organization, 

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