Managing an E-Cell is not an easy task; See how E-CELL of Hindu College does it

We at the Entrepreneurship Cell of Hindu College are a crew of driven, discerning and passionate individuals. Our club is dedicated to advancing people’s understanding about entrepreneurship and diversifying their skill set by providing a deeply fulfilling and collaborative environment.

To become a competitive, robust economy in today’s world one must focus on the reorganization of the skill development ecosystem and our active skill development initiatives will help actualize the inert potential of the youth by expansion in skill training while also improving their quality.

Since its inception in 2017 the society has tirelessly strived to bridge the gap between the skills acquired in the class and the ones relevant in todays day and age.

With a dedicated team, the society took a number of initiatives that were rewarding towards its members and all stakeholders alike.

The likes of which included the Skill Development Club which is a venture aiming to become part of the skill development revolution and also strives to turn our demographic dividend into a demographic advantage.

A number of workshops and talks were organized with imminent personalities like PAPA CJ, Mr. Ramanujan, Varun Sahgal to name a few that served as a source of inspiration and vital in guiding the budding entrepreneurs in their startup journey.

The E-Cell has also been actively collaborating with various NGO’s such as Feeding India, Light Up and Greenpeace and thereby plays its part in giving back to the society and promoting sustainable development.

The E-Cell also took part in the National Entrepreneurship challenge organized by the IIT Bombay and in a yearlong endeavor of competing with teams from all over India and excelling in the various tasks, E-Cell Hindu stood 1st all over and clenched the title in a grand finale in Bombay in January 2018 also bringing home the trophy of the best contingent.

Another brainchild of the E-Cell was organizing “Convoke” which was a one of its kind meet up organized to break the ice between the various E-Cells and Enactus societies of the circuit and to promote synergy helping each other explore new avenues of collaboration.

Keeping the spirit of entrepreneurship alive and skill development as the epicenter of its operation the E-Cell hosted a one of its kind flagship annual event the “Hindu E Summit” which saw a plethora of competitions and workshops inviting teams from all over the country battling it out over two days and will have something for everyone and also be a platform for young startups to pitch their innovative ideas and give them an opportunity to interact with VC’S, Angel investors and mentors with a chance of also winning full end incubation support and investment up to 5 crores. The event was held on the 22nd-23rd of March 2018, which helped us lay the founding steps for building a sustainable entrepreneurial eco-system in the Delhi University.

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