MALANG : Director Mohit Suri confirms sequel after receiving such a phenomenal response on Netflix

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Malang is a storyline of two young people Advait (Aditya Roy Kapur) and Sara (Disha Patani) who meet each other at a rave party in Goa. While Sara is a maverick woman who wants to live her life to the fullest, Advait is overjoyed with capturing moments in his camera. They are splurge youngsters who are unattached and don’t have any family constraints. They want to live in the moment, do drugs, indulge in adventure sports and have a bit of free sex. As so many of their attributes match, they decide to do all of this together and eventually fall in love with each other. She gets pregnant and from thereon things take a downhill turn for the couple.  

Some years later, an inscrutable stranger is bumping off policemen. This is where the movie malang begins with Advait, the protagonist fighting with his fellow convicts in a prison over a knotted bracelet that once belonged to his lady love. The fight sequence goes on for an unprecedented amount of time and does nothing except flaunt the lead actor’s fabulous body. After a couple of minutes of being out of the jail, Advait calls Inspector Anjaney Agashe (Anil Kapoor) and tells him something that holds true for the audience in the theatre as well- ”Yeh raat bohot lambi hone wali hai.” Soon after this Agashe and a straight-laced special cell cop Michael (Kunal Khemu) try to sort things out as bodies of police officers pile up.
Anil Kapoor is shown to be a drug-snorting, trigger-happy cop with a fetish for the old Aaj ki raat Asha Bhosle number. Kunal Khemu is going through an disconsolate marriage, Aditya Roy Kapur and Disha Patani have enigmas of their own.

The first half of malang is ponderous and tries hard to entrench adhere with the audience. Despite the bizarre chemistry between the two actors, their stories feel incomplete at times. The last 20 minutes of the film feel like the makers are trying their level best to justify the plot. It is only towards the end that the story gets intriguing. Though the film has moments of its own but we just wish there were more of them. The film is purported to be a thriller and the portions where the police chase after the would-be killer are slickly choreographed.

Coming to the performances, Anil Kapoor aces his role through his flawless expressions, unmatched body language and on-point dialogue delivery. Aditya Roy Kapur as Advait portrays pain, love and anger with sheer brilliance. Disha Patani as Sara is aesthetically appealing despite her remarkable performance. Although there isn’t much scope for acting for the two leads. They make for a good looking couple but in all Anil Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur end up seeking the limelight in the film.

There is an engaging scene in the end which will come out with a twist in the sequel confirms director Mohit Suri and producer Luv Ranjan who have already begun working on it.

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