After every 5 year elections come and along with them politicians  also . But now they also started coming to universities in order attract youth towards them . Youth is their key to achieve what they want . This year also first one to come is senior BJP leader Vijay goel . He is coming on Wednesday.

The main motive of his arrival was to check the mood of the youth whether they are going to re elect BJP in the coming lok sabhha elections. In the official statement it is said that he is going to meet youth at vishvidhalaya metro station near varsity. Along with students he is also going to meet  teachers also. The basic motive behind all these is to tell them the benefits of. Modi govt.

 Election comes and go but the struggle of people to crate a govt which represents all of us not the one . This year also the campaigning has started and the main target is youth. But now we should all understand that our youth is practical and knows who is better.