Delhi University’s student and her teenage brother have been reportedly arrested for kidnapping their landlord’s 3 year old child .

They allegedly wanted to extract the brawny amount of Rs. 5 crore from the landlord . The culprits were arrested on Thursday night with the help of technical surveillance and the victim was safely rescued from a room in Ghitorni area of the national capital.

Riya , a first year B.Com student from Delhi University with the kelp of her brother kidnapped their landlord’s son when he was playing with his friends near his house in Ghitorni.

With the help of the cloned WhatsApp , they sent the ransom message to Anuj , the landlord to pay a hefty amount of Rs. 5 crore if he wanted his son back . Anuj immediately informed the police after which approximately 100 policemen were assigned to rescue the victim.

After the negotiation between the landlord and the kidnappers , the deal was finalized to Rs . 48 lakh but police found their location in the meantime through technical surveillance .

Riya revealed during inquisition that she did this only because she wanted to earn easy money . To hide the victim, she hired a room in the same area of Ghitorni . She used WhatsApp to escape her arrest . For the last couple years , she has been staying as a tenant in the same house

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