It’s an official said to all the faculty members of Delhi University to follow the new system of maintaining and updating their personal professional details periodically. All this is to create an uniform structure of work and details of the faculty members that they upload on the site.

There are some professors showing objections over providing Aadhaar details and other personal information in the application for the system called ‘University Information Management System’. For this the professors wrote to DU’s vice chancellor.

However, uploading Aadhaar details is not at all a compulsion the members can skip that option if they wish to.

To login in the system the Department heads and faculty members have been provided with an OTP and accordingly they can upload their details. The system ensures no waste age of time as it’s easy and manageable for the members to update their profile on a regular basis rather than doing it annually.

Waiting for the whole year to update the database have been kinda hectic for the faculty members but now the system gives them the facility of doing it hand. There are some members of the DU’s Executive Council who wrote a letter to vice-chancellor demanding for withdrawal of the letter sent to departments asking them to upload details.

The letter written by EC member Rajesh Jha read “When the teachers have been submitting their performance appraisal along with the list of publications annually, then what is the rationale behind asking on every three months basis? Will the university ask for such information on a monthly or daily basis?

“The teachers have already submitted PAN card and other personal documents to the branches concerned and should not be directed to submit them again and again,”.

The others anticipates that it’s a violation of the Supreme Court verdict and an act invading one’s privacy.

As declared by The Supreme Court the Centre’s flagship Aadhaar scheme last month as constitutionally valid but there are some provisions of it including its linking with bank accounts, mobile phones and school admissions.

The letter also stated that the time table of the teachers has already been furnished for the university’s website.

To add to the letter it was mentioned that “The EC provides for periodicity for the submission for student attendance, then what is the need for asking the number of classes taken in a specified period? It clearly shows the intent of suspicion of the administration towards the teachers.”

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