Ladies , do you wish to work as you study? NCWEB is your best pick

The Non Collegiate Women’s Education Board(NCWEB) is a well established part of Delhi University which enables women students to acquire their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees with special coaching but without attending regular classes.

This board functions as a boon for those women who have to work as bread winners of their families or are unable to attend regular classes due to different reasons by enabling them to build their careers simultaneously.

As per UGC guidelines, NCWEB functions as a non formal system of obtaining degree from Delhi University. From its humble beginnings with 3 students in September 1944, NCWEB now stands proud with more than 23000 enrolments.

UG classes are held at different colleges under the Delhi University including Bharati College, Janki Devi College, Jesus and Mary College, PGDAV College, Lakshmi Bai College, Maitreyi College, Mata Sundri College etc among others.

PG classes are currently being held at the Tutorial Building, Arts Faculty, University of Delhi, North campus.

Admissions to NCWEB is on the basis of merit by declaring cut-offs which are usually slightly lower than the cut-off lists of mainstream DU colleges. Hence, enabling women students with lower grades pursue their dreams.
Saliet features of education through NCWEB:

1. 50 teaching days in a year are usually held on Saturdays and Sundays and also during academic breaks of DU.

2. ‎At UG centres , classes are held from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm with 8 periods in a day.

3. ‎Students studying under this board are not allowed to pursue any other full time course.

4. ‎Only women students residing in the National Capital Territory of Delhi can enroll themselves as students of the board.

5. ‎A minimum of 66% of attendance is mandatory for students to appear in University Examinations.

6. ‎Library facility is provided to all UG students at their respective teaching centres. A PG library is located in the Arts Faculty Building, North campus.
Studying at the NCWEB has its own perks in the sense that it is low cost and effectively utilises the existing infrastructure to provide quality education to working women who want to beat all odds to achieve their goals.

So if you are one of them, NCWEB is the best pick for you.

Written by Sharlin

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