“Great things are done with a series of small things done together”.
With lots of zeal and excitement, the first and second year students of Maths Department of SGND Khalsa college inaugurated the new maths society of the college “ASANKH” on 10th of October. Dr. J K Thukral, who is an associate professor of Maths in SRCC was present as the guest of honour.
JK THAKURALThe debut event of ASANKH was started by invoking Goddess Saraswati by kindling the lamp of knowledge and wisdom which was followed by Dr. J K Thukral’s very knowledgeable talk about ‘basics of calculus’. He also spoke about how to go on about teaching students who have math as their Generic Elective as well as those who have it as their core.
JK THAKURALSeveral concepts of basics of calculus like increasing and decreasing functions, maxima and minima etc were taught. Despite having already studied these things the audience was introduced to many new things which they didn’t know of before. All the participants present there had lot to take away from the speech.
After such a knowledgeable talk by Dr. J K Thukral, he presented society badges to all the core members of the society followed by all the volunteers getting ID cards of ASANKH. An event like this cannot happen overnight. This wheel starts rolling weeks ago. It requires planning and an eagle’s eye for details. ASANKH has been fortunate enough to be backed by a team of very motivated and dedicated members who know their job very well. Well, the debut event of ASANKH was splendid and every member of the society hopes to organize lots of such events in future.
Like the name says they believe to have ASANKH achievements in future.
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