Thursday 20th September 2018 is a day that shall remain prominent in the memories of the students of the college SGND KHALSA for this was the day that saw the inauguration of the 3 distinguished societies of the college UDAYAMITA (entrepreneurship cell), SOFICA (society of financial literacy and consumer awareness) and CYBERCLAN (the IT cell).4 distinguished personalities with diverse career portfolio were invited to be the speaker at the event. Mr.rudra Kumar Pandey, head of Japanese and Chinese services at SAM & CO.Mr.ayush Agarwal, director of SMC capital, a young stalwart in the stock market known for advising high net worth individuals.

sofica Mr. rishav kumar the founder of startup,university express media and professor munish mukkad, a professional with over 35 years of experience in the education sector. This auspicious occasion was started by the lightning of a sacred lamp where all 4 of the speakers along with the convener Dr.GS sood gave their blessings to the students. Each of the 4 speakers then talked about various situations and crises plaguing our country at the moment and gave the students advice on planning their careers and earning enhanced skill sets rather than marks. Several anecdotes were shared and a particular emphasis was put on focusing on the means rather than the ends.

sgndkcLater senior students were felicitated and their respective posts were bestowed on them, while the new entrants were given the official ID cards of their societies. As the saying goes the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, this was the step that marked and set an optimistic tune for the times to come. This event went quite smoothly and credit is due to the students for their hard work

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