You’ve left school and entered college with some dreams and aspirations. Aspirations for the future; be it a dream job with a great salary package or the best college for your post graduation. But those things don’t come to everyone easily, and hard work is the key to unlock all the doors. This hard work can be¬†documented in the form of a CV, which serves as testimony of your competence, skills, and ability.

So at this stage, to make you aware of how to glorify your CV and make the most out of these 3 years to get that key, we have a compiled a list of things that you can follow to make your CV eye-catching and yourself  a perfect candidate.

1. Join societies

Societies are probably the most fun yet the most learning elements of the college. When you join a society it doesn’t show the interviewer that you possess a talent that makes you stand out, but¬†shows you as an opportunistic.

The biggest talent you can have is to Know how and when to use you talent”

It gives the interviewer the impression, that you have a penchant for working in a team and leading that team.

2. Internships

‘Experience and internship’ is probably the most important column of your resume. Why is it important?

The person who is going to hire you wants to make sure that you have some on- the -job training experience. So don’t default yourself to just the mandatory summer internship. Do as many internships as you can, to show that you leave no stone unturned when it comes to utilizing your potential

3. Be the ‘Event Manager’

As a part of any college society, you must be a part of organizing committee of the event that your society organizes. Your skill of being an efficient manager should be corroborated by the fact that how successful your event was and your contribution in it. It leaves a meaningful impact on the interviewer that you are not just a part of the herd but you are leading that herd.

4. Volunteering

Every business organization understands that as a part of the economic system, it needs to work for the welfare of the society. So when you volunteer for an NGO or do social work that shows that you care, it makes the interviewer believe that you are capable of thinking about someone else other than you.

Moreover isn’t it our responsibility to help the people who need us?

5. Participate in competitions

Be it the competitions organized in your college or inter college, make the best out the opportunity and learn and win. After all, everyone wants a person who has the ability to understand, strategize and win in competitions that require such skills.

6. Maintain a good GPA

After having done your part in each and every sect there was and trying your hand in every skill, focus on you scores. One of the biggest selling points to any recruiter or University is your academic score. A good GPA ensures them that you posses the ability to understand, learn and have great potential in the field you are studying. It helps them keep a check on your consistency and your dedication towards your field.

Now go and make that piece of paper glow!

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