On Wednesday ,The ‘Committee for the Defence and Release of Dr. G.N. Saibaba’ demanding the Delhi University Professor’s “immediate release on bail”.

Mr. Saibaba, who is currently lodged in Nagpur Central Jail, has been suffering from severe health issues due to lack of medical care , several activists, professors and his family have reportedly appealed for his immediate release.

The Professor’s wife, Vasantha Kumari that he is suffering from 19 ailments and the jail authorities are not even providing him with basic facilities. Apparently the wheelchair provided to him was a broken one and we had to send a new one. He is being subjected to mental torture in the prison. They hoped they will get justice but even the last bail plea got rejected.

G. Haragopal committee chairman said, “The current situation is extremely frightening. Mr. Saibaba’s case is a blot on democratic society and democratic India. In the prison, he is living under extreme inhumane situations. Unfortunately the executive is constantly misleading the judiciary. A person can’t be convicted because of his beliefs.

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